Exclusively Reading Baldwin 2020 to (?)


1. Go Tell It on the Mountain(1953)✔

2. Giovanni’s Room(1956)✔

3. Another Country(1962)✔

4. The Fire Next Time(1963)✔

5. Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone(1968)✔

6. If Beale Street Could Talk(1974)✔

7. Little Man, Little Man(1976)

8. Just Above My Head(1979)✔


9. Sonny’s Blues(1957)

10. Going to Meet the Man(1965)

11. Jimmy’s Blues(1983)

12. Gypsy(1989)

13. James Baldwin: Early Novels and Stories(1998)

14. Vintage Baldwin(2004)


15. Notes of a Native Son(1963)

16. Nobody Knows My Name(1964)

17. Black Antisemitism and Jewish Racism(1970)

18. Harlem, USA(1971)

19. Rap on Race(1971)

20. No Name in the Street(1972)✔

21. A Dialogue(1973)

22. Devil Finds Work(1976)

23. The Price of the Ticket(1985)

24. The Evidence of Things Not Seen(1985)

25. Baldwin: Collected Essays(1998)

26. Native Sons(2004)

27. The Cross of Redemption(2010)


28. Blues for Mister Charlie(1964)

29. The Amen Corner(1968)

30. One Day, When I Was Lost(1972)


31. James Baldwin: A Biography(1994)✔

32. The Last Interview: James Baldwin(2014)✔

Count: 10/32

CR: 20/10/20 – The Cross of Redemption

Featured image: White Dahlia, 2014 by Kendell Geers.

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