Blue September

I know what freedom feels like against the skin. Know how love settles under the tongue.

There is what I mean when I ask if I can fix you a drink. It’s the way starvation carries at the corners of the eyes. How travellers move when they’ve lived through their deserts not having met water.

Shall I show in you the depth of wells where you can learn to drown on air? In the expanse of forgotten caves long marked taboo where God first formed words.

Prince Gyasi, Identité 2019.

Do you know what language feels like becoming?

If lightning was soft and storms were stored in discarded containers. Baby, have you scraped the bottom of belief, grabbed the earth between your teeth and pulled? Pulled the seas apart, pulled the seas awake. Knelt in awe as Noah’s flood prostrated before you.

Have you sat bathed in possibility, a miracle of creation, leaning back into a hug with no hands?


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