Immortalised in Ashes

The sun sets and the distant spaces between time and energy is the space in my chest.

Forever looking to grow and expand so that one day it might outgrow itself;

It might burn itself to ash

And immortalise itself in the ground that bore it.

For the ashes of an existence that outlived its own passions is nothing but the sign

That there a bonfire once blazed and a heart once loved.

In the ashes that decorate the earth when I am gone,

I will flourish as a being whose being is immortalised in a shell;

Whose ash shall cover distant lands and leave a mark of me even when I am gone.

So for now I stay.

For now,

I stay,

and I love

and I outlive my own passions knowing that one day, they shall outlive me.

And in them I will be immortalised.

-Faith Gathoni, ‘Immortalised in Ashes’.


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